Bay Medical Center Behavioral Health Associates are dedicated to the use of Cognitive Therapy, sometimes also called "Cognitive Behavioral Therapy", an evidence-based treatment for a variety of psychological or emotional problems. Cognitive Therapy is a time-limited, focused, collaborative problem-solving psychotherapy shown in over 375 outcome studies to be highly effective in the treatment of many mental health problems such as depression, anxiety disorders, panic, anger, marital distress, and in the treatment of medical conditions such as chronic pain, hypertension, progressive neuromuscular disease, etc.  It can also be effectively used with interpersonal problems affecting couples, marriages, and in families.  Click here to see (and download and print if you like) my practice brochure that describes CBT in more detail.

Dede Neufeld, M.S., LMHC, ACT, a mental health counselor licensed by the State of Florida, operates the Center and is currently accepting new therapy patients aged 18+. Dede is one of only seven therapists in Florida certified as a Diplomate by the Academy of Cognitive Therapy to provide Cognitive Therapy. Certification by the Academy at this highest level of training indicates to the public and other clinicians that the individual is a skilled cognitive therapist.
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